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Unlock 60 second payments with a single API.

Orum handles the complexity of payments so you can focus resources on your core product. Provide intelligence-backed payment orchestration and settlement in as fast as 60 seconds.

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What We Do We solve the hardest problems in money movement

Orum unlocks 24/7/365 accelerated payments through our single, unified Momentum API. This means there’s no need to integrate with different payment rails, orchestrate complex multi-rail transfers, or design and maintain payment intelligence.

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The Unlock We'll take on payments so you can improve customer
scale your
expand your
product offering
increase customer
new revenue
cash flow
operating costs

  • Build for customers, not fraudsters

    Don’t let a small percentage of bad actors determine the speed of your overall payment experience. Increase accounts funded by 2x with risk-managed payments that settle fast.

  • Reduce Payments OpEx

    A simple integration for embedded payments that gives you faster settlement, better data, and easy maintenance – meaning you can allocate less resources to payments, and more to your core product.

  • Scale without limitations

    Modernizing money movement will help you drive innovation and competitive differentiation for your business. With our extensive banking network, you’ll get a partner that can support your rapid growth & can handle any volume of transactions or transaction size.

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    "transfer_reference_id": "string",
    "amount": 90000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "speed": "asap",
    "source": {
        "account_reference_id": "string",
        "customer_reference_id": "string"
    "destination": {
            "account_reference_id": "string",
            "customer_reference_id": "string"

Simple API

Our customers no longer need to think about payment rails.

With our simple, unified API, you simply specify the ideal payment speed then leave the rest to us.

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Use Cases

  • Your traders have been trained to expect instant money movement. Round out their experience with the ability to access fiat as fast as a crypto trade.

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    Instant Withdrawal Crypto UI
  • Build trust and loyalty by ensuring your customers never have to worry about accessing their cash instantly.

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    Made Your First Deposit Investing UI
  • Acquire and retain customers by offering claim payouts that hit their account in seconds when they need the money the most.

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    Claim Has Been Processed Insurance Woman on Jeep
  • Improve operational efficiency with a one-sprint integration of simpler account funding flows.

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    Welcome to NewBank Instant Deposit Received Banking UI
  • Gig workers are in short supply, get a leg up on your competition with a low-cost solution for paying contractors instantly.

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    Dogwalked Instant Payout On Demand Wage UI
  • Get a competitive advantage by being able fund a borrower’s account when they need it with instant payouts.

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    Loan Has Been Approved Lending UI

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