The Impact

“Getting money from crypto applications to a bank is a fragmented process with users needing technical expertise. By partnering with Orum we allowed users to instantly withdraw funds to their bank account.”
Daniel Lev Founder of Coinflow

The Outcome

By quickly integrating into Coinflow’s tech stack in one sprint, Orum helped Coinflow save money and resources by avoiding unnecessary engineering and operating costs. More importantly, with Orum’s API, Coinflow transformed the typically complex process of converting crypto to fiat into a seamless experience for their users. Coinflow solved a user pain point with an engaging solution that allowed their users to stay on the platform that they know and trust. Coinflow is now making it possible for their users to access real-time payouts whenever they’d like.

Data Points

78% of customers prefer accelerated payouts
13 days to fully integrate the Orum API
$2MM saved by avoiding a direct bank integration
2 years worth of time gained back

Get Moving

Build trust and loyalty by ensuring your customers never have to worry about accessing their cash instantly. Orum’s streamlined payments solution can be implemented in one sprint or less, giving you access to all major rails without costly bank integrations or prolonged compliance. Our API delivers what you need now–and in the future as we give our clients first access to new rails and tools as soon as they become available via the same easy-to-integrate API. Orum is backed by the most reputable payment experts, partners, and top tier banks and investors – all to ensure delivery of every transaction.