Hi all, Julie here.

We recently hosted a webinar discussing what to expect for fintech in 2023. Along with our CEO and Founder Stephany Kirkpatrick, we had Nik Milanovic from This Week In Fintech, Saira Rahman from Fundrise and Merritt Hummer from Bain Capital Ventures sharing their expert thoughts and advice. The full webinar is below, along with time stamps for the topics we discussed. 

FTX, Crypto and Where We Go From Here: 5 minutes

Funding and M&A – Who Gets Funded and Who Gets Acquired: 20 minutes

What Changes in Money Movement Will Actually Be Adopted: 30 minutes

Q&A: 37 minutes

Thanks again for tuning in. If you’re interested in learning more about Orum and what we’re building, reach out! On average, customers implement our all-in-one payments platform in one sprint, letting us handle the complexity of payments so they can focus resources on their core product.