Hi all, Hannah here from the Product team with some exciting updates about a new version of our unified payments API, Momentum!

Building money movement with Momentum is now more accessible than ever thanks to the new release’s intuitive concepts and clear, actionable updates on your customers and their transfers. 

The new release contains thoughtful details that strike a balance between simplicity and power. Momentum is easy to use while ensuring you have the flexibility you need to build your best-in-class product. The new enhancements can also be tested in our robust sandbox environment, enabling you to simulate all major production scenarios so that come go-live, you’ll be confident in your Orum integration.

Let’s dive into the updates!

Key updates in the new version of the Momentum API

The new release was designed based on customer feedback from thousands of hours of integration learnings. Our team is laser-focused on building an intuitive, developer-friendly API to further Orum’s vision of powering a better financial system where everyone has the freedom to build to their potential. 

As we designed the new API release, we focused on moving even closer to this vision. The result? 

  • Intuitive transfers: Momentum transfers money from a source to a destination. Making a transfer is as easy as telling us where you want the money pulled from, where you want it sent and how fast it needs to move – no payments jargon needed. 
  • Informative updates: Momentum APIs and webhooks now provide you with actionable insights into a transfer or customer’s status. These status reasons enable you to quickly triage any failed / delayed transfers or customer verifications, so you can get back to moving money faster. 
  • Increased visibility: Momentum now calculates an estimated funds delivery date for transfers. We understand the importance of keeping your customers informed about their money movement, and this update allows you to delight users by showcasing how quickly they’ll have access to their funds. We’ve mastered rail orchestration, hold times, and cut off times so you don’t have to manage these complex payment calculations. 

The new release builds on Momentum’s foundational offerings – access to faster payments via RTP (and Fednow in the future!), smart payment orchestration, and seamless customer onboarding.

Check out the docs to learn more!

The new Momentum release also brings with it exciting updates to our API documentation, supporting guides and Sandbox environment. Request access to the docs here and we’d also love to get you setup in our sandbox environment– ping [email protected] for access!