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Hi all, Ashley Treb here, Senior Manager of People Operations at Orum.

Earlier in May, we hosted our first ever full Orum offsite in Scottsdale, Arizona! For those of you unaware, Orum is a fully remote company. As you can imagine, being able to gather in person is extra special. Up until this offsite, only a few of us had ever met other team members in person. 

This offsite was different from ones that I have attended in the past for a few reasons. Our founder, Stephany Kirkpatrick (or SKP as we like to call her), was adamant about no boring powerpoint presentations in dreary hotel conference rooms. Sign me up! This experience was full of engaging (and active) events that kept us busy and excited. 

It was a whirlwind of a trip in the best way possible. We arrived at the hotel early on Thursday for our first big activity: supporting the Hope Women’s Center (HWC)! HWC has been serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas for over thirty years, providing a safe haven for at-risk women and girls to get back on their feet, and works heavily with the working poor. Talk about an amazing first way for us to hangout as a team! We were able to create kits for the shelter that would assist with everyday necessities to support women, children and many more in need. We ended up making 125 kits with items like shampoo, body wash, deodorant, tampons, sunscreen and a bag to hold everything, topped off with hand-written inspiration cards to spread our good vibes and good intentions (one of Orum’s values) to the receivers! 

After that, any and all downtime was very willingly spent together at the pool and other places on the property looking out at the gorgeous views. Later on, everyone was able to show off their style while eating dinner together, swapping stories, eating tacos and star gazing. 

Professional photos courtesy of Sara Waterman Photography

Even after the “event” was over and the food and drinks were cleared, the team stayed together. We continued getting to know one another and strengthening our relationships by discovering things that don’t naturally come up on Slack. Someone was telling our table about a wedding she was attending in Rhode Island and THREE others then realized that we had spent time going to the same small beach town over the years (#Quonnie). 

Professional photos courtesy of Sara Waterman Photography

The optional wake up call on Friday morning came early, especially for those of us that are based on the east coast, but most of us were up and ready for our planned activities. We were able to choose between hiking, yoga on the lawn, a group Peloton class, a bootcamp class, Pickleball, or Tennis. This gave people the option to pick what fit them the best and connect with other team members that have similar interests. 

Some teammates had flights to catch after breakfast and the rest of us took advantage of more downtime together. When it came time to leave I was absolutely exhausted and ready for multiple naps but my cup was so full, as was my suitcase with new Orum swag (most of it starring our cartoon mascot, Ogbert)!  

The offsite was not only a fun event, but an investment in deepening the culture and relationships at a remote-first company. You could feel the excitement that everyone shared in meeting each other for the first time and it was really special to see everyone come together. Some even opted to arrive early or stay an extra couple of days after to keep the fun times going. 

Between collaborating on the service activity, connecting over a good meal, and having a blast in the Arizona outdoors, this Orum offsite fostered strong connections that will only improve everyone’s trust and working relationships. I am never shy on slack, but it now somehow feels easier to ping my teammates. Truly looking forward to next year’s offsite! If you want to be there with us, check out our current job openings!

Professional photos courtesy of Sara Waterman Photography