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The simplest API integration for instant payouts

Gain an edge over your competition by offering users instant access to their money.

Implement instant payouts in one sprint

What We Do We manage the complexity, 
you enjoy the simplicity

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    "transfer_reference_id": "string",
    "amount": 90000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "speed": "asap",
    "source": {
        "account_reference_id": "string",
        "customer_reference_id": "string"
    "destination": {
            "account_reference_id": "string",
            "customer_reference_id": "string"

Take full control over how and when you move money.

Initiate payments by specifying the speed you want. We take care of the routing and any sub-transfers needed, seamlessly executing the overall payment.

Build trust with your end users

  • New Options, Same UI

    Orum’s solution gives you the freedom to optimize customer experience through personalized payment options, surfaced by embedding our solution into your familiar UI.

  • Always On

    Our comprehensive rail coverage, including instant network interoperability and top-tier bank partnerships, means that you and your users will always be able to initiate payments on your platform.

Mobile Fund Withdraw and Code Snippet
  • Limited Integration Touchpoints

    Because Orum is an embeddable platform without UI implications, the integration time is fully focused on the backend API integration.

  • Intuitive Design & Human Support

    Orum is built to be flexible and intuitive out of the box, but for those instances where our clients want a thought partner or additional assistance, we’re still here to help.

  • Self-Serve Resources

    Our comprehensive sandbox and thoughtful documentation are available for exploring and testing 
our platform.

Stay up to date on Orum.

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