04. 09 2021

[Orum] has raised $21 million in “Series A” funding led by Bain Capital. Venture firms Inspired Capital, Homebrew, Acrew, Primary, Clocktower, Box Group, Amex Ventures and SVB Capital also invested.

NYC Fintech Women

12. 09 2020

Inspiring FinTech Females honor women who support, empower and sponsor women in their professional advancement while celebrating those who are innovating and transforming the industry.


11. 18 2020

Orum recognized among the best, most innovative players in the embedded finance and banking as a service space


08. 10 2020

The early demand they’ve seen—both from cutting-edge fintechs and incumbent financial institutions—speaks for itself. It’s clear the market understands the value of moving money in a new, more efficient way.


08. 06 2020

An oversubscribed seed round of $5.2 million led by Homebrew and a slate of top investors, including Inspired Capital, Acrew, Bain Capital Ventures, Clocktower and BoxGroup, as well as angel investors.