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Our API-based, embeddable platform automates KYC and watchlist screenings in a comprehensive approach to payments

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) measures are essential to any business—and not just because they’re mandated by federal law.

Verifying a customer’s identity and intent before they carry out financial transactions with your organization is a key part of managing risk, combating fraud, building a solid brand reputation, and understanding your customers’ goals.

Orum makes it easy by automating KYC and watchlist screening through our money movement platform, Momentum. That means you can skip vetting, integrating, and managing additional third-party solutions and truly focus on your core product.

How it works

When your company partners with Orum, customers are verified at onboarding and continuously monitored against several sanctions and fraud watchlists. Your KYC data can be shared directly via the Momentum API. Momentum can verify it on your behalf, streamlining the onboarding process and enabling customers to initiate or receive payments on your platform right away.

If you already have a KYC vendor in place, no problem. That works, too. Orum is committed to meeting you where you are and integrating your existing solutions with Momentum’s API to make money movement as easy as possible.

Why it matters

As a critical but compulsory step, KYC is often carried out through antiquated systems and multistep flows, introducing needless friction to the user experience and causing avoidable customer dropoff.

By partnering with Socure—an industry-leading platform for seamless identity verification—Orum authorizes and onboards your customers quickly and painlessly while retaining their trust and loyalty.

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