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Instant payments without the baggage

Loan Has Been Approved Lending UI

Reduce return risk on loan repayments with intelligence-approved transfers, all while giving your borrowers money when they need it with instant payouts.

  • Get people their money when they need it

    Consumers of personal loans, especially payday loans, need their money fast. Offer inexpensive, instant payouts without increasing risk. All while helping your customers decrease stress and increase financial stability.

  • Increase profits, decrease returns

    Increase profitability and decrease return risk by adding our simple, efficient intelligent payment solution. Our smart routing will automatically send payments to the optimal set of rails to reduce returns, as well as float, helping with cash flow management for customers and businesses.

  • Reduce operating costs

    Enable a simple integration for embedded payments that gives you faster settlement, better data, and easy maintenance – meaning you can allocate less resources to payments and more to your core product.

Payments powered by intelligence

Revenue generated from fast payouts

Revenue generated from fast payout fees

Orum is backed by some of the most trusted voices in fintech.

The best part? Orum scales with you.

With Orum's thoughtfully designed platform, it's simple to scale fast onramp/offramp across your existing and future product offerings through a single API.

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