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Payments as fast as your workforce

Dogwalked Instant Payout On Demand Wage UI

Attract workers by increasing predictability of wages and decreasing time until workers receive their money with instant payouts for the gig, freelance, and creator economies.

  • Real-time payouts after every gig

    87% of workers were more likely to choose one platform over another if they could pay them instantly without fees. Give your workers the ability to move their earnings into their bank account when they need them with smarter, simpler, faster money movement.

  • Personalized payment speeds to meet their needs

    77% of on-demand workers have times when they urgently need money, 72% will pick up extra work as the solution to this problem. Give your workers the option to be paid out at multiple speeds, so they can choose the option that best suits their situation.

  • Relentless commitment to ease

    We power faster payments through a simple, embeddable all-in-one platform that is flexible off-the-rack and compatible with a multitude of configurations. We make it easy to work with us, so you can focus on recruiting workers and customers.

Payments powered by intelligence

Revenue generated from fast payouts

Revenue generated from fast payout fees

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