Hi all, SKP here with some really exciting #peopleprogress news from Orum. 

Watching the incredible talent we have on the team take on larger roles is one of the reasons I love being a founder. Building products that can 10x the world is only possible when you have people who do 10x their work everyday.

You have to own your destiny when it comes to your career. That means finding the vacancies and leaning in to fill them. Leading when no one is watching. Advocating for others. Speaking your mind. Taking the risk of raising a big idea (or concern). Offering a hand to those around you to mentor, educate, support. Being someone else’s hype person and showcase great work getting done. Mastering your role. Becoming the expert everyone wants to turn to.

Orum’s VP People, Sarah Flaherty has designed a people strategy for Orum that has defined who we are as a team and how we operate (more from her in an upcoming post!). Our Company Values serve as a guidepost for what great looks like with our teammates – we use our values as we hire, and importantly as we think about promotions. 

Today I am thrilled to announce new leadership roles for four exceptional Orumaniacs (yep, that’s what we call ourselves!) who embody our values in all that they do.

(P.S., we are hiring!)

Head of Product

Emily solves with curiosity every day as she leads our Product Team. She’s a payments visionary and an incredible people leader who consistently opens the door to more diversity of thought and diversity of people. 

Head of Marketing 

Katie has brought to life the vision of Orum into a brand that has a genuine identity and purpose. She shows up with curiosity and is always working to elevate our products in the market. 

Chief Operating Officer

Reggie is a powerhouse operator and as Orum’s COO, everything from strategy to finance to legal to payment operations is now streamlined with someone who knows how to get things done, done, done.

Chief Technology Officer

Silvino “Vino” has built a world class engineering organization. He always leads with good vibes and good intentions and has established an unbeatable team culture that is powering the build of our technical products.

I can’t wait to see where these Orumaniacs take us next!